SAFESHIB – The DeFi Memecoin Tokenomics

Blending traditional memecoin tokenomics with DeFi 2.0 applications for a SAFER investment

First of all

BTC Buyback

2% of each transaction will be used to purchase BTC to back SAFESHIB and create a floor price. Borrow BTC against your SAFESHIB at 0% APY once our lending app launches.

Not to mention

Dev/Marketing/Buyback Fee

2% of each transaction will support development efforts, buybacks, burns, and marketing to showcase our project to the world.

And let's not forget


1% of each transaction is burned to remove supply from the system and create a supply shock, further benefiting our holders.

About us

SAFESHIB is a DeFi ecosystem designed to bridge the gap between traditional memecoins and DeFi 2.0 applications. Our tokenomics prioritize investor safety, with buybacks, burns, and a lending app to help secure your investment. Join us today and invest SAFER with SAFESHIB.

Invest SAFER with SAFESHIB – blending DeFi 2.0 with traditional memecoin tokenomics for a winning combination.

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